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The Vital Role of Cyanuric Acid Over the Winter

Winter Chlorine Stabilizer Levels: Winter pool care involves more than just covering your pool and forgetting about it until spring. At Tropical Designs, we emphasize the importance of maintaining the right chemical balance throughout the colder months. A key component of this balance is cyanuric acid. This post will explore why cyanuric acid is crucial […]

Setting Up Your Freeze Guard

Proper Probe Placement to Prevent Freeze Damage As the chilly season approaches, ensuring your swimming pool is prepared to withstand the cold is crucial. At Tropical Designs, we understand the importance of safeguarding your pool against freezing temperatures. A key component in this protection is the proper placement of the temperature probe for your freeze […]

The Importance of Maintaining Low Filter Pressure During Cold Weather

Proper Filter Maintenance For Freeze Protection: As temperatures drop, pool owners often overlook the importance of maintaining their pool’s filtration system, particularly keeping the filter pressure low. At Tropical Designs, we emphasize the significance of this aspect of winter pool care. Low filter pressure is key to reducing strain on your pool pump during cold […]